Season 4 episodes needs photos and information


Appearances must be updated (Template:Season 4 Appearances)

"Last seen in" and "appeared in" must be updated on all characters

Some of the characters need the infobox/information/biography updated

Feel free to add to biographies, infoboxes, quotes, trivias etc as long as the information is correct


Feel free to add more cast members, but please add a picture and information about him/her if you do. I will add them to the cast member page if you don't know how to

ALL of the cast members need their infobox/information updated (links to these pages will come)


Feel free to add GIF's, photos and videos. If you don't know how to get them onto the front page, don't worry, I will do this for you, as long as you add them to the gallery. Unfortionately I can't post them if they are in the wrong size (sizes will come)

Please leave a comment on THIS page if you see anything else that needs to be done


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