Ray Riddle
Full Name
Ray Riddle
Deputy District Chief
District 4
Marital Status
First seen
Last seen
Appeared in
8 episodes (see below)
Portrayed by
Fredric Lehne

Ray Riddle is a Deputy District Chief for the Chicago Fire Department's 4th District. He is the successor to Deputy District Chief Joel Tiberg.

History Edit

He has it out for Firehouse 51 and Boden's guys including Casey, Dawson, and Severide. He is the one who demoted Severide and added Patterson to Squad 3 as the leader of the team. He advises Patterson to stay on his side when he is made commissioner.

After he cans Boden, due to his legal troubles, he gave Patterson a raise to Chief. Later, he is unhappy that Patterson went through him to transfer houses so Boden could have it back. He then threatened Patterson since he wasn't too happy. He was also transferred to 'airport' duty.


Season 4 Appearances
"Let It Burn" "A Taste of Panama City" "I Walk Away" "Your Day Is Coming" "Regarding This Wedding"
"2112" "Sharp Elbows" "When Tortoises Fly" "Short and Fat" "The Beating Heart"
"The Path of Destruction" "Not Everyone Makes It" "The Sky Is Falling" "All Hard Parts" "Bad For the Soul"
"Two Ts" "What Happened to Courtney" "On the Warpath" "I Will Be Walking" "The Last One for Mom"
"Kind of a Crazy Idea" "Where the Collapse Started" "Superhero"

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