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Randy McHolland
NUP 157504 0176
Full Name
Randall McHolland
Firefighter, Security guard
Marital Status
Trudy Platt (Wife)
Mari (ex-girlfriend)
1, 2 and 3
First seen
Last seen
Appeared in
114 episodes (see below)
Portrayed by

Randall McHolland (Randy or "Mouch") is a firefighter assigned to Truck Company 81.


McHolland gained his nickname "Mouch" due to the fact that he is almost always found watching television on the couch, when not on a call. The nickname is a mash-up of Man and Couch, as the other firefighters say he is "half man, half couch".

Mouch is the current Firefighter's Union President, he is responsible for raising issues that firefighters face to the Fire Department, the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois. He is also a union representative and goes with members of his house to disciplinary hearings.

In season 1, Mouch is taking Japanese lessons. He ends up meeting a woman by the name of Mari online. She is from Japan and comes to visit Mouch in A Hell of a Ride. She leaves in A Problem House. Mouch says he will try to visit her, but this never happens and they end up breaking up.

Mouch tries to meet a lady via off of the advice of Leslie Shay, but his dates don't end up working out.

In Real Never Waits, Mouch meets Trudy Platt at Chief Boden's wedding, and they seem to hit it off.

Trudy and Mouch get married in On the Warpath.


Season 1 Appearances
"Pilot" "Mon Amour" "Professional Courtesy" "One Minute" "Hanging On"
"Rear View Mirror" "Two Families" "Leaving the Station" "It Ain't Easy" "Merry Christmas, Etc."
"God Has Spoken" "Under the Knife" "Warm and Dead" "A Little Taste" "Nazdarovya!"
"Viral" "Better to Lie" "Fireworks" "A Coffin That Small" "Ambition"
"Retaliation Hit" "Leaders Lead" "Let Her Go" "A Hell of a Ride"
Season 2 Appearances
"A Problem House" "Prove It" "Defcon 1" "A Nuisance Call" "A Power Move"
"Joyriding" "No Regrets" "Rhymes With Shout" "You Will Hurt Him" "Not Like This"
"Shoved In My Face" "Out With A Bang" "Tonight's The Night" "Virgin Skin" "Keep Your Mouth Shut"
"A Rocket Blasting Off" "When Things Got Rough" "Until Your Feet Leave the Ground" "A Heavy Weight" "A Dark Day"
"One More Shot" "Real Never Waits"
Season 3 Appearances
"Always" "Wow Me" "Just Drive the Truck" "Apologies Are Dangerous" "The Nuclear Option"
"Madmen And Fools" "Nobody Touches Anything" "Chopper" "Arrest in Transit" "Santa Bites"
"Let Him Die" "Ambush Predator" "Three Bells" "Call It Paradise" "Headlong Toward Disaster"
"Red Rag the Bull" "Forgive You Anything" "Forgiving, Relentless, Unconditional" "I Am the Apocalypse" "You Know Where to Find Me"
"We Called Her Jellybean" "Category 5"

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