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Peter Mills
Full Name
Peter Mills
Fire Paramedic
Firefighter (former)
Cook (former)
Ambulance 61
Rescue Squad 3 (former)
Truck Co. 81 (former)
Marital Status
Henry Mills (Father; deceased)
Ingrid Mills (Mother)
Elise Mills (Sister)
Gabriela Dawson (Ex-Girlfriend)
Isabella (Ex-Girlfriend)
1, 2 and 3
First seen
Last seen
Appeared in
47 episodes (see below)
Portrayed by

Peter Mills is currently a Fire Paramedic and is one of the main characters of Chicago Fire. Introduced in Season 1 as a Firefighter Candidate on Truck Co. 81, then later joins Rescue Squad 3, then a Fire Paramedic on Ambulance 61, and finally back onto Squad 3. Mills and his family currently live in North Carolina operating a new restaurant.


Mills' father was also a firefighter, but was killed after he and Boden rushed into a burning building against their orders. His mother and sister use to own and work in a diner, where he works when he is not on shift. It was destroyed by an arson fire set by Kevin Hadley. At the end of Season 1, Mills applies to the Chicago Police Department academy, suggesting that he plans to leave Firehouse 51 after finding out Boden and his mother once had an affair.


Mills and Gabriela Dawson share a love of cooking, which brings them together in the kitchen often. On one occasion, they share a home-cooked meal as 'friends' which ends up being much more. The two start a secret relationship, then later on decide to come out as a couple. However, Mills breaks off their relationship after Gabriela reveals to him that she knew about his mother and Chief Boden, Mills feeling as though he cannot trust her. Mills attempts to reconcile with Gabriela if she can assure him that she has no feelings for Matthew Casey, when she admits that she can't their relationship seems over for good. Even though Mills and Dawson's relationship is over, they still maintain a good working relationship and friendship.

Season 1Edit

Memorable QuotesEdit

(Mills to Dawson) - "Am I getting in the way of you and Casey?"

(Dawson) - "Absolutely not, he's just a friend"

Mills to Chief Boden: “Chief. Respectfully, shut up.”



Season 1 Appearances
"Pilot" "Mon Amour" "Professional Courtesy" "One Minute" "Hanging On"
"Rear View Mirror" "Two Families" "Leaving the Station" "It Ain't Easy" "Merry Christmas, Etc."
"God Has Spoken" "Under the Knife" "Warm and Dead" "A Little Taste" "Nazdarovya!"
"Viral" "Better to Lie" "Fireworks" "A Coffin That Small" "Ambition"
"Retaliation Hit" "Leaders Lead" "Let Her Go" "A Hell of a Ride"
Season 2 Appearances
"A Problem House" "Prove It" "Defcon 1" "A Nuisance Call" "A Power Move"
"Joyriding" "No Regrets" "Rhymes With Shout" "You Will Hurt Him" "Not Like This"
"Shoved In My Face" "Out With A Bang" "Tonight's The Night" "Virgin Skin" "Keep Your Mouth Shut"
"A Rocket Blasting Off" "When Things Got Rough" "Until Your Feet Leave the Ground" "A Heavy Weight" "A Dark Day"
"One More Shot" "Real Never Waits"
Season 3 Appearances
"Always" "Wow Me" "Just Drive the Truck" "Apologies Are Dangerous" "The Nuclear Option"
"Madmen And Fools" "Nobody Touches Anything" "Chopper" "Arrest in Transit" "Santa Bites"
"Let Him Die" "Ambush Predator" "Three Bells" "Call It Paradise" "Headlong Toward Disaster"
"Red Rag the Bull"

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