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Matthew Casey
Full Name
Matthew Casey
Firefighter (Lieutenant)
Truck 81
Marital Status
In Relationship
Hallie Thomas (Ex-fiancée, deceased)
Gabriela Dawson (fiancée)
Nancy Casey (Mother)
Gregory Casey (Father, deceased)
Christie Casey (Sister)
1, 2 and 3
First seen
Last seen
Appeared in
57 episodes (see below)
Portrayed by

Matthew Casey is a firefighter and the protagonist of Chicago Fire.


Casey is Truck Company 81's commanding lieutenant.

When not on shift, he has his own construction contracting business. He sometimes visits his mom in prison then after she gets out of prison she goes to live with Casey while she's on parole.


Hallie Thomas Edit

Casey was engaged to Hallie Thomas. After engaging in a rescue and delivering a child at a vehicle accident, Casey asked Hallie Thomas if she wanted to have children. She did not. because of their different ideas for their future, Hallie cancels their engagement and moves away for a while, later she returns after realising how much she misses Casey. The two got back together and were dating again when Hallie died in a fire at the end of season 1. Casey has a hard time dealing with her death but eventually manages to find some closure and move on. =====

Gabriela Dawson Edit

Gabriela Dawson had a crush on him, until they went on a casual date at her cousin's Christmas party. He "kissed her on the cheek" when she tried to kiss him, and from then Dawson seemed mad at him. They seem to be content with each other now that the secret of Dawson and Peter Mills relationship is now out.

In season 2 after Mills breaks up with Dawson for various reasons (one being Dawson’s feelings for Casey) Dawson and Casey begin to spend more time together, partially because Casey has to look after Heather's children (even with his 24 hour shifts) and asks for help from Dawson and the rest of the fire house. After spending more time together Casey and Dawson decide for the moment they are happy just being friends. Casey eventually gets helps from Dawson's friend, Isabella, to get Heather moved to a minimum security facility so that she can see Griffin and Ben more often. In the episode No Regrets, Heather gets released due to overcrowding. She decides to move to Florida because she can't live in Chicago without being reminded of both her husband and friend's death. This deeply saddens Casey, but understands Heather's reasons for leaving. In the episode Rhymes With Shout, Dawson is helping Casey packing up the rest of the boy's items to ship to Florida. Dawson tells him that she will miss coming by to hang out with the boys. Casey says that she should still come by to hang out. Dawson turns down the offer saying "We've been down this road before," referring to when he turned her down in Merry Christmas, Etc. Casey confesses to Dawson that he does not know where he would be without her. At the end of the episode, Casey shows up on Dawson's doorstep and kisses her with minimal hesitation. Dawson passionately kisses him back. In the episode You Will Hurt Him, Casey and Dawson wake up in bed together the next morning. Dawson still has doubts and fears about Casey's commitment but he tells her "I had a chance at this a year ago and I blew it. I've been regretting it ever since." He further assures his seriousness about his commitment by telling her "As far as I'm concerned, it's our time now." They kiss confirming and starting a relationship. In episode 3x02 Casey proposed to Dawson at the Fire academy but before he could finish asking the question Dawson gave her answer "Yes". The two then go home to have sex. However their happiness was short lived because of Dawson joining truck 81 they could not get married. In episode 3x07 the two share their feelings about how they would do anything if they could get married now and seal it with a kiss. This is also shortlivesd because after they were caught kissing in his truck all things go downhill for the couple.

Kelly Severide Edit

Kelly Severide and Matthew Casey are coworkers and lieutenants at the fire station. At the beginning of season one, after the death of a close friend, they had some trouble getting along and often butted heads but would come together for the sake of the house. Now in season 2 they have stopped blaming each other and get a long very well. They are often seen putting themselves in danger to protect each other, such as when Kelly went into an unstable burning building to help Casey find his fiancé. After Casey was injured in episode 2x10, Kelly was the first to notice that he was not healed. He was very concerned about Casey, asking him numerous times If he was okay and offering help. The two are best friends.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"It's okay to cry here. I have." - Casey 2x06 

"There is no greater love than to lay down ones life for another, this badge case stands as a memorial to the fallen firefighters and paramedics who lost their lives in service to the citizens of Chicago" - Casey 2x06

(To Severide) "I was going to ask you for relationship advice, but that would be like asking much for fitness tips"


Season 1 Appearances
"Pilot" "Mon Amour" "Professional Courtesy" "One Minute" "Hanging On"
"Rear View Mirror" "Two Families" "Leaving the Station" "It Ain't Easy" "Merry Christmas, Etc."
"God Has Spoken" "Under the Knife" "Warm and Dead" "A Little Taste" "Nazdarovya!"
"Viral" "Better to Lie" "Fireworks" "A Coffin That Small" "Ambition"
"Retaliation Hit" "Leaders Lead" "Let Her Go" "A Hell of a Ride"

Season 2 Appearances
"A Problem House" "Prove It" "Defcon 1" "A Nuisance Call" "A Power Move"
"Joyriding" "No Regrets" "Rhymes With Shout" "You Will Hurt Him" "Not Like This"
"Shoved In My Face" "Out With A Bang" "Tonight's The Night" "Virgin Skin" "Keep Your Mouth Shut"
"A Rocket Blasting Off" "When Things Got Rough" "Until Your Feet Leave the Ground" "A Heavy Weight" "A Dark Day"
"One More Shot" "Real Never Waits"
Season 3 Appearances
"Always" "Wow Me" "Just Drive the Truck"

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