Jay Halstead
Full Name
Jay Halstead
Marital Status
Gabriela Dawson (Ex-girlfriend)
Erin Lindsay (Girlfriend)
First seen
Last seen
Appeared in
8 episodes (see below)
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Detective Jay Halstead is a member of Sergeant Hank Voight's Intelligence unit. He has a close working relationship with his partner Detective Erin Lindsay.


Little is known about Jay's past, except that at one point he served with the US Army Rangers. It is implied that he saw action, but not confirmed.

Halstead has a close working relationship with his partner, Detective Erin Lindsay, which may turn into something more personal.

Halstead worked undercover in a sting to take down a ruthless landlord who threatened to burn down Molly's and Game Day. This resulted in his being shot in the shoulder, but a successful take-down.

During his stint undercover, he had a brief romantic relationship with paramedic Gabriela Dawson, sister of Detective Antonio Dawson. However, after revealing he was moving to Intelligence, Dawson ended the relationship.


Trivia Edit

  • Halstead served in the 3rd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment.
Season 2 Appearances
"A Problem House" "Prove It" "Defcon 1" "A Nuisance Call" "A Power Move"
"Joyriding" "No Regrets" "Rhymes With Shout" "You Will Hurt Him" "Not Like This"
"Shoved In My Face" "Out With A Banng" "Tonight's The Night" "Virgin Skin" "Keep Your Mouth Shut"
"A Rocket Blasting Off" "When Things Got Rough" "Until Your Feet Leave the Ground" "A Heavy Weight" "A Dark Day"
"One More Shot" "Real Never Waits"

Image GalleryEdit

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