Donna Boden
Donna Boden - Donna Holding Terrance
Full Name
Donna Boden (née Robbins)
Elementary School Teacher
Marital Status
Julian Robbins (Brother)
Wallace Boden (Husband)
Terrance Boden (Son)
2, 3, 4, 5
First seen
Appeared in
Portrayed by

Donna Boden is the wife of Wallace Boden, they have had a son together and she is currently on maternity leave. She is portrayed by Melissa Ponzio.

Biography Edit

Donna first met Wallace during a fire at her apartment building, the heat was broken so the residents started using a BBQ to heat their apartments; which led to a fire. She later came to Firehouse 51 to thank Wallace, however he didn't notice that she was romantically interested in him, Thanks to Peter Mills' advice, Wallace eventually asked Donna on a date.

Donna came to Firehouse 51 to help out during a black-out. After a date out with her friends, Chief Boden ends things as he believes he is damaged goods. A few weeks later, he visits her at her school, but she cannot talk as she has a meeting to attend. Later that day, she comes to Firehouse 51. This is when she revealed to Wallace that she was in fact pregnant with his child. Soon after the announcement Wallace proposed to Donna by saying that marriage would support her and the baby financially.

Donna was not impressed by Wallace's non-romantic point of view. Confused Wallace goes back to Peter for some advice, Mills recommended that he should speak about his feelings. Wallace now understood and went to Donna's school in his full dress uniform and proposed to her on the front steps of the Elementary School with his grandmothers ring.

Wallace and Donna had their wedding ceremony in front of Firehouse 51, with Herrmann as the best man and Mills as the clergyman.

In Santa Bites Donna comes to the Firehouse to speak to Wallace about how they will name their baby. Donna wanting to hyphenate their last names, Wallace refuses, citing tradition. Donna proceeds to go into labour in the middle of the firehouse. Wallace yells for help only to discover that Ambulance 61 is out on a call. Newhouse and Boden assist Donna to the Squad 3 truck. Off they rush to the hospital, lights and sirens blaring, until they hit traffic. Stopped in their tracks, Donna gives birth to their son, Terrance Boden, in the back of the Squad 3 truck. Later they arrive at the hospital and as they are going inside Doctors notice that the baby is turning blue, rushed into the hospital Terrance in placed on ECMO to help his lungs function, as Donna screams after him.

In That Day, Donna tells Boden someone has been waiting outside their house for some hours. Boden angrily marches towards the car to find that it is his stepson, James. Donna meets him.

In Trading in Scuttlebutt, Donna was seen with Boden at a CFD dinner, where Deputy District Chief Anderson also showed up and started an argument with Boden. Donna tells him to calm down and suggests they should both leave.