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Christopher Herrmann
Full Name
Christopher Herrmann
Marital Status
Cindy Herrmann (Wife)
Lee Henry Herrmann (Son)
Kenny James Herrmann (son)
Luke Herrmann (son)
1 unnamed son
Sydney Herrmann (daughter)
1, 2 and 3
First seen
Last seen
Appeared in
56 episodes (see below)
Portrayed by
David Eigenberg

Christopher Herrmann is a firefighter and second in-command of Truck 81. Herrmann is a self-described "general entrepreneur", he currently co-owns a bar called Molly's with Otis and Dawson.


Christopher is married to Cindy Herrmann, and at the beginning of the series, they have four children; three sons, Lee, Luke and one unnamed son, and one daughter, Sydney. Cindy is noted as being a devout Catholic and is adamantly against using birth control. After backing out of the limousine business he'd attempted to start, he reveals to everyone that after the first time they've slept together in six months, she's expecting their fifth child, another son named Kenny James Hermann, who is born during the Season 1 Finale. Cindy experiences some complications during labor and ends up giving birth via an emergency C-Section, during which time, Christopher is being held hostage with a knife to his throat by an inmate at the Cook County prison following a riot. He makes it through the ordeal uninjured and makes it to the hospital, where he gets to meet his son for the first time. At that same time, they ask Shay and Severide to be Kenny's godparents.

Season 1 Edit

At the beginning of the series, Christopher and Cindy lose their home to foreclosure and end up moving in with Cindy's parents, which Chris himself describes as being "two bedrooms shy of unbearable". Herrmann is severely injured when a floor collapses, dropping himself and Matthew Casey down from the third floor. His ADSU sounds, alerting the other firefighters of his location, and warning them he hasn't moved.

In an attempt to get his family into another house, Christopher makes several attempts to start his own business, until finally Cindy convinces him that the hassle he's putting himself through isn't worth it. She suggests that instead of looking to purchase another house, they rent. They end up taking a unit in a complex where one of Cindy's co-workers lives. "We'll make it our dream home." Cindy tells him.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "Lee Henry! I'm not gonna tell you again! Put the stick down before I beat you with it!" 1X02
  • " I'm healed! I'm healed! it must of been living with my damn in-laws that was breaking me down!" 1X02
  • "First time I have sex in 6 months, Cindy's pregnant again!"
  • "The difference between winners and losers is not who's the strongest; but who can recognize the strongest opportunity!" 2x10
  • "If you need to talk, I've got club soda up the ying-yang. Just come and park it here. We'll solve the mysteries of the world." 2x18


  • Known for his failed business opportunities.

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