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Ambulance 61
Ambulance 61
Part of:
Former PIC: Gabriela Dawson

Ambulance 61 is an advanced life support (ALS) ambulance assigned to Firehouse 51.

Overview Edit

Ambulance 61 is 2004 Ford / MedicMaster Type I ambulance. Prior to being used on the show, the ambulance was in service as the real life Ambulance 47, based out of Firehouse 108 at 4559 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago's Jefferson Park neighborhood.[1][2]

In the Season 1 episode Merry Christmas, Etc., Ambulance 61 is badly damaged when it is struck from behind by a flatbed. Shay and Dawson are injured, with Shay suffering a serious head injury.

Current CrewEdit

Previous Crew Edit

  1. Allison Rafferty - Suspended from duty for forcibly treating a patient.
  2. Leslie Shay - Killed in the line of duty at a fire while attending to a patient.
  3. Gabriela Dawson - Became a firefighter, transferred to Truck 81.
  4. Peter Mills - Transferred from Squad 3, re-cleared for firefighter duty, resigned from CFD.
  5. Jessica Chilton - Fired after constantly disregarding rules in Firehouse 51.
  6. Jimmy Borrelli - Unfit for duty due to injury in the line of duty.
  7. Gabriela Dawson - Left Chicago for a new career opportunity

References Edit