Adam Ruzek
Full Name
Adam Ruzek
Police Officer
Police Department - 21st District
Marital Status
Wendy (Ex-Fiance)
Kim Burgess (Ex-Fiance)
First seen
Last seen
Appeared in
1 episodes (see below)
Portrayed by

Officer Adam Ruzek works undercover for the Chicago Police Department Intelligence Unit. He is partnered with Detective Alvin Olinsky.


Adam's parents divorced when he was a child. The senior Ruzek had served with both Voight and Olinsky. This is most likely the reason that Adam had sought to become a police officer. When Intelligence needed an undercover officer, Adam was taken out of the Academy. Since then, he has remained a member of Intelligence.

While Adam is very eager to please, he sometimes makes impulsive decisions (such as accepting a call from his fiance during a stakeout). This creates friction between himself and his partner, Detective Alvin Olinsky.

Outside of work, Adam is engaged to a woman named Wendy. He does not reveal to her too much about what goes on at work to protect her. They are shown to have a close and playful relationship, sending racy photos of each other back and forth.

Adam and Officer Kim Burgess have a close working friendship, frequently spending time bantering at work. He even helps Burgess get revenge on Platt, a Desk Sergeant who treats Burgess and Atwater horribly. After a particularily stressful call, Adam and Kim share a kiss. Kim regrets this almost instantly as Adam is engaged.

During the a shootout with Jacob Sims, Adam is shot in the chest. The injury is not severe as his Kevlar vest deflected most of the shot.


Season 2 Appearances
"A Problem House" "Prove It" "Defcon 1" "A Nuisance Call" "A Power Move"
"Joyriding" "No Regrets" "Rhymes With Shout" "You Will Hurt Him" "Not Like This"
"Shoved In My Face" "Out With A Banng" "Tonight's The Night" "Virgin Skin" "Keep Your Mouth Shut"
"A Rocket Blasting Off" "When Things Got Rough" "Until Your Feet Leave the Ground" "A Heavy Weight" "A Dark Day"
"One More Shot" "Real Never Waits"

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